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National park Biogradska gora

In the northeast of Montenegro, in the area between the Lim and Tara rivers, in the area of ​​the mountain Bjelasica, there is the National Park Biogradska Gora. This park was founded in 1952. and is the first national park in Montenegro. It belongs to the territory of the municipalities of Berane, Kolasin, Mojkovac and Andrijevica.

Its area is 5650 hectares, 1878. Beginning of the procedure for the protection of this unique natural territory, thanks to the Prince Nikola Petrovic, who advocated protection of this area. About 20km away from Kolasin and Mojkovac, there is an entrance to Biogradska Gora. Crna Glava (2139m), Troglava (2072m), Zekova glava (2117m) are mountains (peaks) belonging to the massif of Bjelasica. Four types of climate are crossed in the territory of this national park, which are: Adriatic Mediterranean, moderate continental, mountainous and subplanine. Thanks to this, the average summer temperature is around 17 ° C, which favors those who like to avoid summer heat.

Legend of the National Park

According to this legend, at the entrance to the park, that is, on the main road, once used to be a city that is still called Gradac. This city was surrounded by mountains, and hence the name Biogradska gora. As for the start of the Biogradsko Lake, in the middle of the lake can still be seen today, in the summer when water withdrawals. Namely, in this area there used to be a large field in which wheat was planted, and it is the place where the grain is being made. The two brothers, with the intention of making grain, were fighting around crops. Their mother was involved in the discussion to calm them down. Unfortunately, this did not work for her, so his brother killed his brother. „The blue sea has opened wide,“ the words are the mothers to whom she cast a curse on this field of grain. According to this, based on the legend, the water was exfoliated and thus the Biogradsko Lake was formed, and today this is the hill in the middle of the lake.

Another interesting story about Biogradsko jezero is the story of deer Janko and the doe Kati and this legend is a symbol of this lake. In the middle of the last century, there was plenty of game in the national park. Lovočuvar Mato Bulatović lived here with his family and on one occasion he managed to indulge the deer to whom he named Janko. This deer became the trademark of the park and its attraction, and whenever Mato called it, it would appear, sometimes in the company of doe Kate, and sometimes even in the society of the whole of the throne. The deer, unfortunately, had to be shot by hunters who tamed him, while Kata cat died of natural death, many years later.

Tour program:

Departure from Kolasin around 10h. Arriving at Biogradsko Lake after half an hour. Upon arrival at the lake, guests can walk around a lake about 3 km long or rent a wooden boat for a ride on the lake. A lunch will be organized at the national restaurant on the shores of the lake. After lunch, return to the hotel.

⇒ The minimum number of people required to organize this arrangement is 4, but by agreement it can be less.


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